Dear Nanny: Learn How to Make Your Nanny Resume Stand Out

Ah, resumes. For some, writing a resume feels like a chance to condense and showcase their skills and achievements. For others, writing a resume feels daunting at worst, intimidating at best. For many nannies, writing a resume feels downright impossible.

If you fall into that last category, the task of writing a resume doesn’t need to be as painful as you believe it’s going to be. All you need is a little inspiration to get you going. We’ll give you all the tips and tricks to construct not only a stellar resume, but one that will stand out from the crowd.

What are Parents Looking for in a Nanny?

If there’s one thing busy parents don’t have enough of, it’s time. Potential parents aren’t going to spend thirty minutes analyzing every part of your resume looking for correct punctuation and proper formatting, though these elements should be a given. 

The best resumes are clear and concise. Don’t get hung up on fonts or colors, but keep it simple, readable, and easy on the eyes. What really matters most to busy parents is your work experience, your skillset, and your certifications.

Experience as a Nanny

Most experts say this is the most important element of any resume. It’s the meat and potatoes. It’s what will most likely determine whether or not a client will hire you.

Don’t worry, writing down your job experience is not as intimidating as it sounds. All you have to do is look at your work history and highlight the parts you feel are most compelling. Try to be specific about things you achieved within your jobs. Be descriptive, and use lots of language that demonstrates your knowledge and skills.

If you’re a newer nanny and you’re worried potential employers may find your childcare experience subpar, all is not lost. You can beef up the following sections of your resume and write in other work you’ve done that may not be child care, but that is still relevant to the nanny field. 

Extra Skills you Bring as a Nanny

A good resume will include more than just a long list of job history. To grab your audience’s attention, consider including a long skills section. This is the part of your resume where you can really get creative. Think of your listed skills as the extra spices that will add even more flavor to an already tasty dish.

Do you play any instruments? Speak more than one language? Have a college degree? Tutoring Experience? How about a clean driving record? In the nanny world, all of these are considered skills. 

If you’re having difficulty thinking of skills, you can dig deeper still and pull from your experiences. For example, have you had to handle an emergency situation with a child before? Include “adaptability” or “preparedness” in your skills section. Just make sure you’re prepared to discuss real life examples of these skills during the interview if asked.

Childcare and Safety Certifications

Certifications go a long way. We strongly recommend that if you don’t have your CPR and First Aid certifications, that you take the time to become certified before building your resume and applying for jobs. It’s a quick process, and it’s already a non-negotiable for most agencies and parents. It’s the garnish that shows potential employers that you’re knowledgeable about your field and prioritize child safety.

Another certification to consider would be Newborn Care Specialist training if you’re going to be working with young infants. The course is in depth and will surprise you with how much you may not know about newborn care. Many parents specifically seek out Newborn Care Specialists while nanny searching.

For nannies who work with toddlers or young children, consider taking some college courses in early childhood education or any special training such as water safety training. Even if water safety wasn’t something on a parent’s radar while they were interviewing, it is now, and it will set you apart.

Cover Letters for Nanny Jobs

A major obstacle people from all occupations encounter whilst writing a cover letter is simply speaking confidently about our gifts and experiences. Many people are fearful of sounding pompous or self centered, but a well written resume that touches won’t sound like bragging to potential employers, it will just sound promising.

One exercise that might help you write your cover letter is to think of a friend or family member you love and write about them. What are all the things they’re good at? What positive qualities do you see in them? What do they bring to your relationship that you can’t imagine living without? It’s probably pretty easy to get specific when it’s someone you know so personally and feel so strongly about. Now, try writing about yourself but through the eyes of a friend. Just remember to keep the language professional.

Quick Tips

  • Grammarly is an amazing tool to use when writing a resume, and it’s free! Grammarly will not only correct your spelling and punctuation; it’ll even tell you the tone of your writing so you’ll know if you’re on the right track (“formal”, “neutral”, or “professional” are all good signs!).
  • Include a smiling, professional photo of yourself. Photos aren’t always a resume essential, but, in the nanny-world, a good photo of yourself can plant a seed of trust in your potential employer.
  • Give your potential employers multiple ways of contacting you. Including your email, phone number, and home address should give them enough avenues.
  • Have a trusted peer or mentor look over your resume after you think you have the finished product. Fresh eyes will be able to catch small things you may have missed.

We wish you the best of luck on your journey to finding the nanny job of your dreams. There’s no doubt in our minds that you’ll catch someone’s eye. If you’re looking for an agency, consider applying to become a nanny with West Coast Baby Care here.

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